Olympus Micro 4/3 adventure: Max Bemis and Perma at the Troubadour – 1/22/13


perma max bemis sherri dupree

So, what happens when a girl can’t get a photo pass but really wants to photograph a show?  She leaves her DSLR at home and sneaks in an Olympus Micro Four Thirds, of course! Tiny camera, HUGE lens.  Such a discrepancy in the ratio of lens to tiny camera that it’s beyond strange looking and elicits a lot of questions from anyone who’s never seen a PEN before.  (Mine is actually a PEN Mini, so it’s even smaller than your average m4/3 setup).  Whenever I use my PEN for live music photography, I like to crank out grainy black and whites.  And now, onto the music…

In case you’ve never heard of Perma, it is actually just Max and Sherri Bemis doing their thing, i.e. writing and singing songs together. Their debut album, Two of A Crime, pretty much rocks…in a poppy sort of awesomely stuck in your head way.  Sherri sounded the best I’ve ever heard her, which is saying a lot because she usually sounds amazing and I’ve seen her 6 times, I think…? Maybe more.  So, better than amazing is pretty freaking amazing.  There were less Perma songs that I would have liked, but the absolute highlight of the night (in my humble opinion) was the cover that Max Bemis and Matt Pryor (of The Get Up Kids) did of Old Dirty Bastard’s “Got Your Money” as part of Max’s encore.  Matt Pryor absolutely killed it.

To sum it up….

Three words: A flawless show.